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July 20, 2011 / banberryplace

on par

This outfit is on par…


It’s cute and meets the expected requirements for this 11 year old girl.  The outfit was designed around the need for a black, or mostly black, shirt for a school field trip.   But lemme tell you, it’s seeing a lot more than the Texas State Capital, mini-golf is just the tip of the iceberg.


The thing about knit circle skirts is that 2 sides stretch more than the other 2.  This has really gnawed at me.  I didn’t think the stretch would be as much as it is, but since it is and since this girl likes her skirt I’ve decided it’s time to embrace and accept the stretch.  You know… look at it as a design element and not a flaw.  There are plenty of tunics and skirts out there with the sides longer than front and back on purpose and this is just another of them, despite the fact that it’s not what I planned.   The skirt waist is the yoga that wasn’t, it needs elastic inserted to do it’s job.  I know lots of people that haven’t had to do this but I’m not one of them.  When I tried the skirt on her it sunk and hung down way too low … elastic to the rescue!




The top is ANTONIA, my all-time favorite tee pattern.  If you’ve spent any time here you’ve seen more than a few of them running around.  The main body and sleeve is the same interlock as the skirt, behaving nicely and not stretching out, I might add.  The peace and love jersey is much lighter than the interlock however it’s great used as the inset piece.  I used the interlock for the neckband and it was much more fiddly business than when I use a jersey with lycra.  It turned out okay but I was sweating bullets there for a minute.


Game on!

P.S.  We’ve been loving groupon this summer!  We’ve been mini-golfing, jump housing, frozen yogurt getting and are planning a trip to a river, all at major discounts. 


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  1. Michelle / Jul 23 2011 5:41 pm

    I’ve yet to master the Antonia. Do I try the Antonia or the Abracadabra pattern first? Hmmmm…After seeing your cute project, I think I’ll try the tee first!

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